Daddy’s Creek
rab Orchard, TN

Key Infographics

Property Details

Price: $290,000
Address: Main St
City: Crab Orchard
State: TN
Zip: 37723

Acres: 6.4
Water Feature: 
Level to Rolling
Status: Active

This 6.4 acre-tract in Crab Orchard, TN offers outstandingly remarkable features which rarely can be found found on privately-owned land.  The rugged scenery of  Daddy’s Creek is truly breathtaking, and is one of many reasons why the backyard view of this property can only be fully appreciated in-person.  As illustrated in some of the photos below, this property features a panoramic, 600 linear feet snapshot of one of the few protected National Wild and Scenic Waterways systems of the United States.

Longtime residents of the property include towering, deciduous trees such as oaks, maples, gums, and beech. Another friendly habitant of the property are the wild, Tennessee magnolia which flourish the throughout the property.

NOTE: We highly encourage you to shop around in checking out other riverfront comparables – if you come across a property with similar waterfront, similar cliff views, low taxes, no HOA and paved road frontage for anywhere under $400K, we strongly encourage you to consider buying that one instead.

The Obed River Task Force, in 1973 published detailed findings documenting the inclusion of this creek into the National Wild and Scenic Waterways. The waters were subsequently added to the program three years later in 1976.

This photo shows the front of the property, partially cleared. The creek is essentially “in the backyard” of the property – around 700 feet to the rear slope. The most ideal homesite sits in the very middle where there is an excellent flat area to build.

Multiple potential driveway and homesite areas – This photo is roughly halfway into the property, looking back up the hill towards the front)

“Party in the Back”

As previously mentioned, the most impressive features of this property are situated in the valley toward the rear where you have direct access to historic Daddy’s Creek.  Property ownership extends halfway width of the waterway, so swimming, fishing, kayaking and any other adventures are all on the table.

Massive Cliffs

Boulders along this property’s creekside are overshadowed by a pinnacle of steep-sided limestone canyon on the opposite side of the river, which extend almost vertically from the water’s edge.  These uniformly dramatic, multi-colored cliffs offer suitable nesting sites for the golden eagle and peregrine falcon, and result in outstanding aesthetic value for what could be your backyard view or creekside cabin overwatch.

Cliffs on the opposite side of the creek are approximately 100 feet tall and are almost vertical in many areas.

We cannot overstate the fact that most of the property along this particular body of water are basically considered a national park, which means the land is owned and managed by the Tennessee Valley Authority and the State of Tennessee – look on the county parcel information, and you will find that roughly 95% of Daddy’s Creekfront property is owned by the state of Tennessee, and most of the privately owned parcels are located upstream towards watershed with smaller waters and no bluffs to speak of.