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One of the underlying goals of this venture is to help share abundance with our surrounding communities by giving back. In brainstorming ideas of incorporating some level of philanthropy into our model, we’ve developed a simple plan we feel will have a direct impact on the very specific community of each property being presented.

Three of our current properties (when sold) – will generate a one thousand dollar donation. This donation will be provided to a pre-identified philanthropic outreach program nearest to the respective land parcel being offered. The ultimate goal is to help build a surrounding community that offers a cleaner, safer and overall more humanitarian society for our future.

In implementing this plan, we’ve partnered with the following organizations. Links are provided to learn more, and the contacts listed below will be happy to answer any additional questions regarding our partnerships.


Four Square Community Action – Robbinsville, NC www.foursquarecommunityactioninc.com
Dr. Sue Lynn Ledford – Executive/HUD Director (828)-321-4475 Ext: 4
[email protected]

Daddy’s Creek

Bread of Life Rescue Mission – Crossville, TN
Reverend Ralph Reagan
(931) 707-0503
[email protected]

Bear Knob

Community for Heroes – Crossville, TN www.communityforheroes.org
Joshua Edward Pack
(931) 316-3783
[email protected]

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