Brad T.

October 1, 2022

Located on each of our respective property pages – directly underneath the top banner, the first thing you will see is a slideshow which shares key infographics, such as driving distances and nearby towns or cities that are nearest to the respective property location. Without cluttering things up with too much, our goal in capturing this information was to simply consolidate some of the basic necessities and amenities which provide relative closeness and comfort to the respective property.

A few items we wanted to capture here, are just some of the very basic things that we enjoy here in America regarding options and daily choices – nearby towns, leisurely activities, grocery options, and nearby restaurants, for example.

While these snapshots are very broad in nature in terms of info, we feel they this information will provide a decent baseline in terms of what you can expect to find regarding creature comforts and other hospitalities in the nearby vicinity.

Each property page contains a good handful of these images, and while they are certainly not all-inclusive in regards to information and key details, we feel this will help any prospective buyer make an informed and properly-educated decision on whether a property is, or is not the right decision.

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