The Waterfall Report

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Being there are so many breathtaking waterfalls within relatively short distances of our properties, we’d like to take this opportunity to carve out a little blog section and shine some light on these magnificent gifts from God. If you are travelling through the area (whether heading N, S, W or W), we encourage you to add-in a little extra time during your route to visit some of these attractions, as we’re confident it’ll create an unforgettable memory for you and your loved ones – other than gas money, they are basically free, and with many of them, you can be back on the road in as little as 30 minutes. "Waterfalls are the bacon of landscape photography; there's nothing they don't make better" - We Dream of Travel One of the underlying objectives of this website is to provide some analysis on these waterfalls and share with you some first-hand experiences from those who’ve had the pleasure of visiting these wonderful waterscapes. Our plan is to add in our very own “top ten” list