The State of Our Cities – Oakland, CA

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Let's highlight the erosion that's taking place in certain parts of America, smell a few photos, and then ask ourselves a few questions. Let's start by taking a look at Oakland. The goal of this is to shed light on not just the problem, but the local officials who are in charge of these jurisdictions.  And, since the eyes don't lie, we will let documentational photos do the talking.   We will also provide contact info of city leadership so anyone can call and start asking them what they are doing to to resolve the issue. All photos you see on the left are 2011, and the photos you see on the right are nearly the exact exact same image of how that exact location of April, 2023.  All photos are taken in the exact same spot right down to the foot. For maximum garbage experience, we recommend viewing this in desktop. A few of these photos may not safe for work. Anyone concerned at which the speed this deterioration has taken place over the last