The Benefits of Living in Rural Areas

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Let's discuss some of the benefits and pros vs cons of owning, or acquiring rural acreage. NOTE: Audio/video version of this article can be found HERE If you've ever wanted to take a curious peek at some of the many benefits of living in rural areas of the US - you're in the right place. Below, we toss around some of the advantages and potential drawbacks that come with not just rural living and the overall rural lifestyle. Tired of living in a criminal-infested city that’s being mismanaged by corrupt politicians? You're not alone. All over the country, people are choosing to remove themselves from larger cities in favor of something a little more rural and peaceful. And if we were to take a wild guess, the criminal-first judicial policies may have something to do with it. This article, provided by Brooking Institutional - a nonprofit, institutional research and academic team, share that since early 2020, "there have been unprecedented losses across the 88 U.S. cities with populations exceeding 250,000 residents." Another article