The Importance of Prepping and Survival Skills – Interviewing David

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The Importance of Prepping and Survival Skills: Interviewing David Savage Ever wonder what you'd do in a crisis situation in which you found you, your family and/or your neighbors left to fend for yourselves? Today, we have the distinct pleasure of interviewing author David Savage, who, just a few days ago - released his book Prepping Survival Guide. In this book, David shares how-tos and instructionals on the basics of living off-grid. Essentially a crisis preparedness system "how-to", this book provides detailed guidance on the self-sustainment lifestyle in a grid-down or emergency situation. We thought it would be good to catch up with him and capture a few thoughts regarding why he wrote the book (and find out what his favorite ice cream is, while we're at it). David, we'd like to congratulate you on your new prepping and survival book, which as we can see already see - is receiving nothing but glowing feedback. We're honored to be able to share this interview on the exact week of

What it’s Like Living the Rural Life – Interviewing Ana

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What it's Like Living the Rural Life: Interviewing Ana Have you ever wondered what it’s like living the rural lifestyle? Ever wanted to ask questions, but just didn’t know where (or who) to start with? Below, we share a very special interview with someone who’s thriving somewhere in the rugged edges of Eastern Tennessee. Not only is she experienced living the rural life, but her and her husband are also well-versed in the self-sustainment lifestyle, to include: hunting, gardening, foraging and even tanning and hiding. Below, we have the pleasure of meeting Ana, who has sat down with us to share her thoughts on the rural lifestyle. We feel she would be a great person to gain some knowledge from, considering her family heritage of having resided on the same 500 acres of rural land going back since the 1800's. What makes her perspective valuable is she is also familiar with urban living, so she has a full appreciation of some of the many differences in comparing rural vs.

The Benefits of Living in Rural Areas

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Let's discuss some of the benefits and pros vs cons of owning, or acquiring rural acreage. NOTE: Audio/video version of this article can be found HERE If you've ever wanted to take a curious peek at some of the many benefits of living in rural areas of the US - you're in the right place. Below, we toss around some of the advantages and potential drawbacks that come with not just rural living and the overall rural lifestyle. Tired of living in a criminal-infested city that’s being mismanaged by corrupt politicians? You're not alone. All over the country, people are choosing to remove themselves from larger cities in favor of something a little more rural and peaceful. And if we were to take a wild guess, the criminal-first judicial policies may have something to do with it. This article, provided by Brooking Institutional - a nonprofit, institutional research and academic team, share that since early 2020, "there have been unprecedented losses across the 88 U.S. cities with populations exceeding 250,000 residents." Another article

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