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Brad T.

May 6, 2023

Below, we’ve compiled each state’s reporting of future population projections by county growth.  Please note: Not all states are currently displayed, as this is currently a work-in-process.

Updated 5/2/2022

Some are more robust PDF or excel doc while others use interactive database complete with sliders and user interface. Montana most user friendly map  Interesting to note that Texas is using a formula methodology to show two different sets of projections – depending on end result of the orchestrated southern border fiasco.


Please note all data below are intended to show future population growth and projections.  If you’d like a clearer visual of current population in your area – click HERE to check out our heat map.

Use Connecticut Image

Click on any state below to view their county data.  The very top link, titles “States” shows in interactive map with state projections uop to 2040 (county projections not shown)

Population Projections by County  (States, in Alphabetical Order)

States A-Z


Alabama – Basic Excel chart

Alaska – PDF (includes comprehensive historical data)

Arizona – Web data

Arkansas – Outdated – Projections only through 2022

Florida – Basic PDF

California – (click on “P2A”, download Excel spreadsheet, then click “total population” tab)

Colorado – Scroll down to county of choice

Connecticut – Data only reflects through 2025

Delaware –

District of Columbia –

Georgia – Basic Excel chart

Hawaii –  PDF – county projections shown on page 11

Indiana  – Choose “county” under “select geography” menu

Illinois – Projections only show up to 2025

Iowa – Basic PDF

Idaho – County info not available – Data instead shown by region (N, S, E, W)

Kansas – Interactive map

Kentucky – Comprehensive PDF workbook


Maine – PDF – Data to 2038

Maryland – PDF – Data through 2045

Massachusetts – Interactive map with adjustable sliders

Michigan – User must select “Michigan” (no other state’s data displays)

Minnesota –

Mississippi – Link offers state totals only – county data info available

Missouri – Projections may be outdated (2008)

Montana – Interactive map (dark colors= pop increase) – Most user friendly of all

States N-Z

Nebraska – Total population data not shown – only age-specific data

Nevada – PDF – Data through 2027

New Hampshire – No data

New jersey –  Check data

N. Mexico

N. York – Interactive map

North Carolina –

North Dakota – Comprehensive data display – county projections not shown

Oklahoma – Comprehensive PDF pamphlet

Ohio – Basic PDF showing map (dark red = population decline)

Oregon – Excel Spreadsheet (Click on “Components of Population Change”)

Pennsylvania – No data

Rhode Island – XLS doc – data through 2040

South Carolina – Basic chart

South Dakota

Tennessee – Interactive toolchart with adjustable sliders

Texas – Has different projections  pending results of the orchestrated southern border fiasco

North Carolina – Displays projections by decade under “Growth Tables”

Utah – Toggle through grey boxes near top of page

Vermont – Data only reflects up until 2030

Virginia – Dark orange counties represent heaviest growth

Washington –  County data not shown – Only demographical state-data displayed

West Virginia – Basic PDF – includes Male/female and “both gender” projections

Wisconsin – Comprehensive PDF workbook



We feel this data may be helpful for anyone who’s looking to leave densely populated areas in favor of something more rural.  After all, who wants to move to a rural area if it’s just going to eventually turn into the same place you left?


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