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Brad T.

May 6, 2023

Population Projections by County (US Map)

Below, we’ve put together an interactive US map, with a link to each state’s reporting of population projections. The purpose of this map is to provide any new land-purchasers or prospective buyers with as much due diligence as possible.

For many, population-growth projections in any prospective area play a role in that due diligence process. Click on a state below and find your county’s projections, growths and declines – simply click on a state below.

If viewing in mobile-version: for best results, zooming-in may be required prior to selecting state.

Please note: Some states will provide downloadable PDF, while others simply link directly to county website data.

If you’d like a clearer visual of current population in your area – click HERE to check out our heat map.


We feel this data may be helpful for anyone who’s looking to leave unsafe areas in favor of something more suitable for a better life. Because let’s be honest – large cities aren’t for everyone.

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