Spyderco Chinook 4

“I added this knife to my personal collection late in 2022 and it’s been one of my favorites. Beautifully designed and crafted, it comes with steel liners and the handle has a generous but solid grip.”

As you can see above, the Chinook grip has a rough finish which feels great in the hand. The Chinook 4 blade is super thick and the knife does feel rather heavy. So, if you are looking for something super lightweight, this one may not be the blade for you. However, I’ve found that it’s weight and thickness provides an overall sense of comfort and stability in the hand.

THe Chinook features a 5″ handle and a metal pocket clip.  The clip seems pretty tight, which I like because for those who like to pocket carry – that clip pinches the pocket nice and tightly to ensure your knife is not going anywhere.

If you’re looking for a badass blade that will last forever and will be sure to get the job done, we highly recommend the Chinook. Click on the image below to get it off Amazon, or click HERE for purchase.

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