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About Us

We are veteran-owned and operated

We are not a wholesaler, and we are not a a realtor - we simply practice those aforementioned liberties of buying, selling and trading land as we please. Meaning, all of our properties listed are privately owned by us, meaning that we will not sell anything that we would not be willing to buy ourselves.

Our goal is to serve as preservationists for these land sand to ensure their future owners remain in the hands of private owners as opposed to governmental agencies. Even if it's only a few small acres, we are proud to practice our God-given rights of private land ownership so that they can one day be passed along to other private citizens going forward.

We believe take great pride in ownership of these very unique pieces of property, and each one has a very unique attributes in our name. All properties you see on our website have been selectively chosen based of their unique attributes. Whether it's topography, mountain views, riverfront, or a combination of all of these unique features - these properties have been selectively chosen to be part of our showcase.

20 years of

Our basic liberties, and one of our most foundational freedoms – private land ownership, will not be trampled upon.”

All properties associated with this this website meet the following criteria:
NO HOA – we do not invest in any properties that fall under HOA guidelines
No buildings on premises – All of our properties are vacant land with no structures
Must meet one of the following criteria
– must be at least two acres
– must have water access (river, stream or pond)
-Must offer mountain views (or similar unique, topography features)